In this episode three we search for Elizabeth, Tim, Bella and Bella’s friend. Elizabeth is a single mother in her late 30’s to early 40’s. Tim is in his mid to late 40’s. Bella is Elizabeth’s daughter 8 to 12 and Bella’s friend is also 8 to 12 years old.

Shelyn Lee discusses The Film Project and Myrtle Beach / The Grand Strand

Why produce the film project?


Follow Dalton Pictures as they hold live castings in Atlanta, GA., Charlotte, NC. and Myrtle Beach, SC.

Castings were also held online Nation Wide as well as Global.

The Film Project searches for actors through the traditional casting process.

Viewers will follow the action first hand during the auditions from the same perspective that the casting agents have.  As the competition for a part in a Motion Picture unfolds, will the viewer pick the same actor(s) for the part(s) as the casting agents?  

Each episode will follow the selection of several actors for their chosen part in a climactic outcome.

The viewer will watch and listen to the actors each as they add their own personality to the read (side). At the end of the episode, the viewer will see the final scene as it appears in the Motion Picture.

During the final episodes of season one the viewer will go behind the scenes during the filming of the Motion Picture and follow the stories of the actors during their journey in this Big Screen Endeavor.

The Movie will be released after the final episode.



A Carolina Christmas takes place in the small, quaint, coastal community of Paradise, South Carolina.

For the most part everyone gets along in this town, that is until Ben shows up as the new hire from New York city. He has been hired as Paradises new city inspector including a few other hats that he wears.

The city was under pressure to hire someone from the outside and Ben came highly recommended, little did they know that Ben hates Christmas and has vowed to shut it down.  He seems to have a particular grudge against a business owner that drives him crazy.

Erika is a recent transplant to Paradise, bitter with the World she runs into Charley who is also a little bitter at how life has turned out. Both having the same personality they struggle to get along, but maybe they are the key to saving Christmas in Paradise?

Elizabeth and daughter Bella have been in Paradise for a short time. As the single mother struggles to make a new life for her and her daughter she finds out that people are not always as they market themselves.

Does the town have what it takes to save Christmas in Paradise?

Does Santa Clause really exist?